It's often useful to be able to automatically move a User Migration to a different workflow process when a User Survey is passed by that User. Use the steps below to implement this.

Be aware that User Migrations will be moved into the specified process regardless of the process they are currently in when using this approach.

  • Administration -> User Migrations -> Surveys -> Choose Survey from dropdown
  • Change to the PS / CSS / JS tab
  • Add in the code below to the On Submit Powershell section
  • Change the ProcessName and SubProcessName as required (the SubProcessName part can be deleted if there is no sub-process)
  • Save Changes
  • Test by passing a user survey, the User Migration record should be moved into the specified process

    If the user Passes the Survey then move to a new Process
    Items: The ID that did the sign off
    EventArg1: Sign-Off Result e.g Pased / Failed

if($ScriptArgs.EventArg1 -eq "Passed") {
    Move-MSModuleItemProcesses -Module UserMigrations -Ids $ScriptArgs.Items -ProcessName "2. Validating" -SubProcessName "Survey Pass"