URLs (hyperlinks)

Displays a static URL.

Display FieldSettingExample
Special Control: Text (Parsed)Special Control Text: [URL]http://www.managementstudio.com
Visit the project page at <https://intranet/project> for more information

Add a list of applications to a User Survey

  • Administration -> User Migrations -> Surveys -> Display Fields
  • New Field -> Special Control -> Link-Applications

To rename the "Keep" column header:

  • Right click on the word keep and inspect the element to get its ID. It will look something like ‘survey-header-id-184-Keep’ 
  • Paste the ID into this java script and save it in the Custom JavaScript section of the survey. Note # at the start of the Id, this is required. $("#survey-header-id-184-Keep").html("Keep 123");

Text Colour or Style

Use CSS to change the style of all headers etc.

To change "h5" headers to red use CSS h5 {color: red;}


Blueprint Dropdowns

Display a Blueprint dropdown list. 

Full help: https://support.migrationstudio.com/a/solutions/articles/14000109918#Blueprint-Dropdowns

Display FieldSettingExample
Special ControlBlueprintsn/a
Special Control Text[Text to appear above dropdown]Please select your department:
Special Control Args
FolderId: [BlueprintId];

ShowAs: ["Name" or "Path"];

OnChange: ["Move" or "Add"];

CanSelectNone: ["Yes" or "No"];

FolderId: 5; 
ShowAs: Name; 
OnChange: Add; 
CanSelectNone: Yes;