If an application (or set of applciations) in the pending view has been incorrectly rationalised, use these steps to undo the process.

Warning: This process should only ever be used with the assistance of a MigrationStudio consultant as there is a risk that problems may arise of it is not followed correctly.


  1. Ensure you have the original source of applications and application usage to re-import. This is typically available in an inventory system such as SCCM or SNOW, but in some cases it may have been imported from Excel
  2. Ensure the MigrationStudio account has the following rights in Admin -> Manage Users:
    1. Can Delete Applications
    2. Can Map User-App Links


Identify the Rationalised Application(s) 

  1. Browse to the AppTracker module
  2. In the Applications View select the application which was incorrectly rationalised
  3. Change to the App Details tab
  4. Click the Chain button 
  5. If no data is displayed, move to the next section; otherwise make a note of the Revision Ids under the Child Application section of the applications which were incorrectly rationalised

Remove the User-App links from the Rationalised Application

  1. Change to the Requested By tab
  2. Place a tick in Original Request View
  3. Group by the Requested Application column
  4. Expand the first of the applications which was incorrectly rationalised
  5. Select the rows under this application
  6. Right-click the rows -> Delete Mapping -> OK
  7. Repeat for all the other applications which were incorrectly rationalised

Remove the Accepted Application (Optional)

If the Accepted application is no longer required, this can be deleted:

  1. Change to the Application List tab
  2. Right-click the application -> Delete -> OK

Remove the Rationalised Application(s)

This process only needs to be followed if data was displayed in the Chain report above. If not, skip to the next section: Reimport the Applications

  1. Change to the Pending Applications view by clicking AppTracker -> Grid Extensions -> App Submissions -> Switch to Pending View
  2. View the Rationalised Applications by clicking:
    1. Grid Extensions -> App Submissions -> Rationalised Submissions
    2. Grid Extensions -> App Submissions -> Zero Usage Apps
  3. Filter the Submissions column to only show applications marked as Rationalised 
  4. Search for the first the application which was noted in the Chain report 
  5. Select this application
  6. Right-click the application -> Delete -> Delete Application(s) -> OK
  7. Repeat this process for all the applications identified in step 5 (above)

Reimport the Applications

  1. Rerun the Application(s) and App-Usage import process. In most cases this will be a case of running the inventory connector.

Review the Newly Imported Applications

  1. In AppTracker ensure you are viewing the Pending Applications
  2. If the Rationalised Submissions and Zero Usage Apps are visible, turn off these options
  3. Sort the Applications by the Revision Id
  4. The applications with the highest Revision Ids will have been created most recently. The deleted applications should appear within these applications

Rationalise the Applications

  1. The applications can now be rationalised as required