The Test Sign-Offs widget gives several different views of the Test Sign-Off data. It can show sign-offs over time, grouped by sign-off type and an overall picture. It's important to pick the correct chart type to display for the chosen variant and the recommended chart type can be found below. 


  • Result vs Date
    • Pass / Fail results plotted over time
    • Recommended Chart: Line Charts

  • Result vs Type
    • Pass / Fail / Outstanding is the axis of the Chart
    • Sum of Test Sign-Off Types are the values
    • Recommended Chart: BarCharts

  • Type vs Result
    • Test Names are the axis of the chart
    • Sum of Pass / Fails are the values 
    • Recommended Chart: BarCharts

  • Result Totals
    • Pass / Fail / Outstanding values 
    • This does not show the test type 
    • Gives an aggregate overall picture
    • Recommended Chart: Pie Charts

Adv. Arguments

  • Arg1
    • Limit results to a specific Test Sign-Off
    • The Test Id or Name can be used here
    • e.g. If there are several Sign-Offs defined then 'UAT - Test' would only show the data for UAT's

  • Arg2
    • Look back X number of Weeks
    • This filters on the date the Test Sign-Off was created
    • Can be used with any variant but works best with 'Result vs Date'

Support Modules

Applications, UserMigrations, Devices, Mailboxes, Bespoke

Supports Chart Types

Line Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts