The Status History widget shows the movement of App, Users, Devices etc. though Process Statuses over time. E.g. the number of Apps in the 'Not Started' status would drop week on week while the number of Apps in the 'Ready' status would grown.



  • All Statuses
    • Shows all five Statuses

  • Specific Statuses
    • Shows a sub-set of the five Statuses
    • Use the Process Status option on the Data Source to decide which Statuses to show
    • Note: The 'All Items' option on the Data Source must to be selected for this variant to work

Adv. Arguments

  • Arg1
    • The number of weeks to look back in timeĀ 
    • E.g. '12' would look back at the last 3 months of Status history

Support Modules

Applications, UserMigrations, Devices, Mailboxes, BespokeModule, DeploymentUnits, Defects, Tasks

Supports Chart Types

Line / Spline Charts