One of the key benefits of the Evergreen Servicing Model is automation. This guide aims to show how emails can be automatically sent to users based on their migration date. This is useful for "T-minus" type emails where users receive specific emails in the days leading up to their migration.

Table of Contents

Custom Email Engine Setup

The Custom Email Engine should be installed and configured before you setup the email automation. 


  • The API account has the "Can Send Emails" right

Base Installation and Configuration

  • Install new Custom Email Engine (link)
  • Configure the global settings in the Custom Email Engine:
    • Switch to the Admin section (1)
    • Click Custom Settings (2)
    • Click Custom Email Settings (3)

  • Global Graphic: add filename of image to use at the top of every email. The image file should be copied into this location on the IIS server: ..\Portal\Customisation\EmailTemplates\Images
  • Global greeting: Hi [%Firstname%],
  • Global sign-off:
    The Project Team
  • Emails Per Minute: 0

Create an Email Template

This template will be used when emails are automatically sent to users. For this example it will be a simple email to remind users that they are due to be migrated in 10 days.

  • Continuing from the previous settings page, scroll to the Email #1 Settings header
  • The minimum two settings to be configured are the Email Subject #1 and Email Content #1. You can also add a graphic (over-riding the global graphic set previously) and an Email Greeting if requied.
  • Examples are shown below:

  • Click Save Custom Settings

Final Configuration

  • Admin -> User Migration -> Fields
    • Untick Migration Properties -> DeploymentUnitDate (Deployment Date) In Details
    • Tick Migration Dates -> DeploymentDate (Migration Slot) in both In Details and On Grid
  • Change to the User Migration module
  • Click on Plugins, Custom Emails, Admin, Scan for Emails (1)
  • This rebuilds the plugins menu so that the new email is available in this menu
  • Refresh the web browser
  • Change to the User Migration module
  • Click on Plugins, Custom Emails
  • Hover over Send
  • You should see a new popout menu called 01: You are due to be migrated in 10 days (2) 
  • This confirms that the email template has been added

Testing the Email Template

  • Change to the User Migration (1) module
  • Select any two users
  • Click on Plugins, Custom Emails, Preview, 01: You are due to be migrated in 10 days (1)
  • This will send two preview emails to the address configured in the currently logged on user
  • Review the preview emails and ensure they display as required

Automating this

  • Running the three steps manually is only for testing
  • For full hands-off automation we add the
<!-- ESM Comms Plans -->    
<task scriptname="../Evergreen Servicing/Marshal-Scheduled-Tasks.ps1" parm1="Reset-All;Evaluate;Schedule;Publish" parm2="T-Minus Communications – 20 days" runevery="1" interval="Days" athour="20" atmin="30" />

Evergreen Servicing Module Configuration

This section describes how the ESM module is installed and configured.


It is assumed that the ESM module has been installed and that the currently logged on user has access to ESM.

Configure ESM to Automate Email

Create a New Plan

  • Admin -> Evergreen -> Target: User Migration
  • Give it a suitable name
  • Click Create Plan
  • A new plan is created in a new tab

Configure the New Plan

  • Go to the new plan tab
  • Turn off global schedule in Plan Publisher
  • Set Scheduling delay = 0
  • Set Scheduling Window = 1
  • Tick Sat and Sun in Schedule on Days
  • Service Plan Rules (Evaluator): Add new setting

  • Click Validate Plan Rules (no need to save) - Make sure it passes
  • Service Plan Actions (Publisher) - Add new setting

  • Validate Plan Actions (no need to save)
  • Service Plan Misc - Script variable - Add new setting

  • Set a user's migration slot manually to 10 days in the future
  • Full user list, select user and user below, Plugins, Evergreen Servicing, <Name of Plan>, Run Rule Evaluator 
  • Check notifications for a "Pass"
  • Admin - User Migration - Tabs - Enable Evergreen Servicing tab
  • Save, refresh IE
  • Go to user, Evergreen Servicing tab, Checks log should show if this passed
  • Look at next user, they should have failed
  • Select both users again, Plugins, Evergreen Servicing, <Name of Plan>, Run Plan Scheduler
  • Check Evergreen Servicing tab again for user, schedule log should show success
  • Run plan publisher for both users, check Evergreen plan publisher, should show as sent
  • AD Info - Custom Email History should show that an email has been sent

Examples of Sending Email with ESM

Maybe link to samples?