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Why would the reader want to automate email?


End-user communications should form a central part of any migration strategy: users feel informed and part of the process, it creates opportunities for the project to collect and validate information, and it helps migrations to be delivered more smoothly.

MigrationStudio contains an enhanced email module that provides the project with a simple way of creating and maintaining rich content without the need to know advanced mark-up language.  Messages created in the tool can be sent manually by the administrator, or automatically through MigrationStudio's Evergreen Servicing Module (ESM).

This document forms part of a series of solution articles that have been created to get project administrators started with end-user communications in MigrationStudio.  This article will cover the one-time setup activities, how to create content, and personalise the emails using information from MigrationStudio:

How to Configure Email with ESM

Custom Email Engine

  • Install new Custom Email Engine
  • Go into Admin -> Custom Settings -> Custom Email SettingsGlobal Graphic, add filename of image in D:\Websites\MigrationStudio\Portal\Customisation\EmailTemplates\Images
  • Global greeting: Hi [%Firstname%],
  • Global sign-off:
    The Project Team
  • Emails Per Minute: 0
  • Save
  • User Migration -> Plugins -> Custom Emails -> Admin -> Scan for Emails (This builds the menu)
  • Create Email #1 by adding a subject and some content
  • Save
  • Plugins -> Custom Emails -? Admin -> Scan for Emails
  • Refresh Browser
  • Give API account send email rights
  • Select two users and send preview

  • Install all ESM
  • Admin -> Evergreen -> Target: UM, give it a name, click create plan, new tab created
  • Turn on all 3 controls, Save
  • Go to new tab
  • Turn off global schedule in Plan Publisher
  • Set delay 0
  • Window 1
  • Tick sat and sun
  • Service Plan Rules (Evaluator): Add new setting

  • Click Validate Plan Rules (no need to save) - Make sure it passes
  • Service Plan Actions (Publisher) - Add new setting

  • Validate Plan Actions (no need to save)
  • Service Plan Misc - Script variable - Add new setting

  • Set a user's migration slot manually to 10 days in the future
  • Full user list, select user and user below, Plugins, Evergreen Servicing, <Name of Plan>, Run Rule Evaluator 
  • Check notifications for a "Pass"
  • Admin - User Migration - Tabs - Enable Evergreen Servicing tab
  • Save, refresh IE
  • Go to user, Evergreen Servicing tab, Checks log should show if this passed
  • Look at next user, they should have failed
  • Select both users again, Plugins, Evergreen Servicing, <Name of Plan>, Run Plan Scheduler
  • Check Evergreen Servicing tab again for user, schedule log should show success
  • Run plan publisher for both users, check Evergreen plan publisher, should show as sent
  • AD Info - Custom Email History should show that an email has been sent

Examples of Sending Email with ESM

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