Marking applications as out-of-scope (Reject)

Where an application is not required for the migration it is deemed out-of-scope. Examples might be drivers, utilities and games. This process is also used for [MW6] core applications.

  1. Change to the AppTracker screen by clicking the AppTracker tab.

  1. Click the Grid Extensions button and choose App Submissions -> Switch to Pending View from the menu.

  1. Type the application name or vendor name in the ‘Search Grid’ to find all versions of that application. 
  2. It may be useful to use the column filters to refine the list of applications.

  1. Select the application(s) to be marked as out-of-scope (use the ‘Shift’ or ‘Control’ key to select multiple entries).

  1. Add a description as to why these applications have been rejected.  Right-click on an application and choose Add Note to Applications from the context menu. Finally, right-click on the application(s) and select Set Submission Status -> Rejected from the context menu.