Rationalising Accepted Applications 

Where an accepted application needs to be rationalised, follow this process.

  1. Change to the AppTracker screen.

  1. Type the application name or vendor name in the Search Grid to find all versions of that application.

  1. Right-click on the application to rationalise and select Set App Superseded By from the menu.

  1. You will now be prompted to choose the replacement application. You may need to change the filter (top-left) to be able to find the replacement application. Once you have selected the application click Set Superseded By
  2. If the master version of the application doesn’t exist use the Raise New Application button to create the new application, then select this application and click Set Superseded By.

  1. You should now archive the applications which have been rationalised. Right-click on the application and select Archive from the context menu.