Review Candidates for rejection

MigrationStudio includes a feature that helps the administrator to identify certain applications as possible candidates for rejection. This provides a fast and easy way to mark applications commonly rejected during a migration project as out-of-scope.

  1. Change to the AppTracker screen by clicking the AppTracker tab.

  1. Click the Grid Extensions button and select[MW2]  App Submissions -> Switch to Pending View from the menu.  

  1. To automatically mark commonly rejected application, click Application Segments -> Discovery Information -> Dynamic Rationalisation -> Candidate for Rejection -> Yes from the pop-out menus.


  1. To review the applications that have been marked for rejection, return to the main application view by clicking Grid Extensions -> App Submissions -> All Applications. [MW3] 


  1. Select an application and click the Discovery Info tab beneath the main application title.  Click the Dynamic Rationalisation button on the left to review the examination results.  The users that originally had access to the application can be found in the Requested By tab.


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  1. To add an explanation as to why you are rejecting these applications, right-click on the application and select Add Note To Applications from the context menu.  Leave a comment, for example, “Application is a candidate for rejection and has been confirmed as out-of-scope.”

  1. To reject the application, right-click on the application name and click Set Submission Status -> Rejected from the context menu.[MW4] 

  1. When all candidates for rejection have been processed remove the 'Candidate for Rejection' filter by clicking Application Segments -> Discovery Info -> Dynamic Rationalisation -> Candidate for Rejection -> <Any>[MW5]