MigrationStudio provides the ability to connect to inventory systems such as SCCM, Snow, SysTrack and Nexthink. The applications detected by these systems can be nominated as in-scope, out-of-scope, or rationalised in MigrationStudio.

View the Pending applications

Applications imported from an inventory solution such as SCCM will appear in the application submissions [MW1] view within AppTracker.

  1. Change to the AppTracker screen by clicking the AppTracker tab.

  1. Click the Grid Extensions button and select App Submissions -> Switch to Pending View.

  1. The grid shows all the applications which have been detected by the inventory system. Note that the ’Num. Requests’ column shows how many people have run that application (within the timeframe set in the connector).

  1. Applications with zero users (within the timeframe set in the connector), rejected apps, and rationalised apps will not be shown by default, though these can be viewed via Grid Extensions -> App Submissions.

Options to view more applications:

  1. To view the most-used applications sort the ’Num. Requests‘ column in descending order.