1. Click the Admin Settings icon in the top right of the window


2. Click the edit (pencil) icon to the right of ‘Project Blueprints’ and click New Folder from the menu.  Name the folder App Stacks

3. Set the folder as the App Stack folder:
  • Click the edit icon next to ‘App Stacks’
  • Select App Stacks -> Set App Stack Folder from the menu

4. Nominate a Blueprint or Blueprint folder for linking the applications to, such as the “Department” folder:
  • Click the edit icon next to the chosen Blueprint folder (or an induvial Blueprint)
  • Select App Stacks -> Add to App Stack from the menu

5. Refresh the web browser to load the new Blueprints



1. Change to the AppTracker screen


2. To link an application to a Blueprint:
  • Right-click an application
  • Add To Blueprint -> App Stacks -> Blueprint (or Blueprint Folder)
  • Note that you must select a Blueprint within the App Stacks folder for the user-application links to be created


3. For the changes to take effect, you can either wait for the scheduled Housekeeping task to run (typically once an hour) or initiate a manual sync:
  • Click the MigrationStudio Portal icon in the top left
  • Click Admin -> Product Updates from the main menu


4. In the ‘Troubleshooting’ panel at the bottom, click the Run Housekeeping Task button.


5. Once finished, close the Portal window.