“Core Apps” and “App Stacks” allow you to link individual applications or groups of applications to users in a specific Blueprint.

Core Apps

Core Applications or “Core Apps” allow you to link a set of applications which are part of every build to all users within an organisation. The key benefit of Core Apps is that they allow you do dynamically link a set of applications to every user in an organisation. This is useful as when new joiners are added to MigrationStudio (typically this process is automatically handled by the Active Directory connector) these new users are automatically linked to the core applications. Core Apps are optional in MigrationStudio.

App Stacks

Application Stacks or “App Stacks” allow you to link applications to groups of users. The key benefit of App Stacks is that they are dynamic; as users join or leave Blueprints (for example if they move location or department) the App Stacks for those users will be updated automatically based on their current Blueprint membership.

The main use-cases for App Stacks are:

  • Linking a set of departmental applications to a set of users in a department Blueprint
  • Linking a set of applications to a set of users in a location Blueprint

Resultant User to Application Links

This results in users having the following user-application links: