The installation of the ESM module will be undertaken by a MigrationStudio consultant. Once it is installed the following settings need to be configured:


  • The ESM Module zip file has been downloaded and installed

Initial Setup

Admin -> Initial Setup -> Check "Evergreen Servicing"

Administration -> Manage Users -> Select User -> Tick Evergreen Servicing -> Save Roles

Administration -> Evergreen Servicing -> Configuration

  1. This is the site code of your primary site in SCCM

  1. Server Fully Qualified Domain Name
  2. Should ESM to use the IIS account connect to SCCM & Active Directory
  3. If not using integrated security enter a domain user account, format = {Domain\User}
  4. Enter the password for the account specified in setting 4
  5. Provide the Domain DN or Distinguished Name

Administration \ Manage Users

All users that will be managing the ESM will require an additional special permission.

Ensure Evergreen Servicing is checked the Manage Users section per user.


Administration \ Users Migration or Administration \ Machines

Ensure the Evergreen tab is set to enabled per for User and Computer Modules