Throughout the life of a migration project, an asset (application, user and machine) will naturally change state as it enters different processes.  For example, an application will go through discovery, packaging, QA, UAT, deployment before becoming live.  Monitoring progress within MigrationStudio is relatively simple using reports and grids, although it's often useful for individual users to receive specific notifications during certain stages; a project manager might want to be notified when an application enters the live stage or when a user has booked a migration slot.

MigrationStudio has the ability to proactively notify users about project activity by using login messages and email.  Notifications are set by the user wishing to receive them with and options available for:

  • Suppress Email \ Notification
  • Watch Blueprints
  • Custom Alert \ Reports
  • Applications
  • Watching Application Processes
  • User Migration
  • Notify User Migration Status Changed
  • Machines
  • Notify User Migration Status Change

This solution article covers the process of setting up notifications and defining the correct user role.

Using Project Notifications

Enabling Notifications

Applies to: MigrationStudio User

Notifications are enabled on an individual level and need to be defined by the MigrationStudio user that wishes to receive the updates.  To set up the notifications:

  • Login to MigrationStudio and switch to My Settings (1)
  • Identify the notification that should be enabled, click the dropdown menu and select Notification - ON (2). This will enable notifications for all assets that meet that criteria.
  • Notifications can also be filtered on Blueprints.  This is useful is a user only wishes to receive notifications for a specific area.  For example, issue a notification as people in marketing self-schedule their migration.  To configure filtered notifications:
    • Select Watch Blueprint (3) next to the notification action.
    • Select the Blueprint from the Watch Blueprints panel and click Add (4). Repeat this step for each Blueprint that should be watched.
  • Click Save Email Prefs (5) to save the changes.

Enabling the Correct User Role

Applies to: MigrationStudio Administrators

If users have enabled notifications but aren't receiving them, their MigrationStudio account may need the Read role assigning for the area that they wish to receive notifications for. Using an account with administrative privileges:

  • Switch to the Admin view (1) and select Manage Users (2) from the vertical menu.
  • Select the user account that will be receiving notifications from the main grid (3).
  • Ensure the following roles are enabled 
    • Applications - Read all Applications (4) for any notifications relating to applications
    • Migrations (Users & Machines & DUs) - Shared Permissions - Read all Users & Machines (5) for any notifications relating to user and machine migrations.
  • Click Save Roles (6) to commit the changes.