The Dependencies tab allows you to add application dependencies and quickly view which other applications are dependent on the application. It provides the ability to designate which other application are required in order for the main application to function correctly.

Dependencies tab

To view the Dependency tab:

  • Click on 'AppTracker' (1) -> Search and select the 'main application' (2) from the grid
  • Click on the 'Dependencies' (3) tab

How to add a Dependency:

  • Ensure both the main application and the dependency application exist in AppTracker
  • Select the main application on the grid
  • Click on the Dependencies tab
  • In the 'Add dependencies search' (1), type in the name of the dependency application
  • Select the dependency from the search 'results' (2)
  • From the drop-down menu choose one of the following (3):
    • Pre-Rec: Pre-requisite (This dependency should be installed before the main application)
    • Post-rec: Post-requisite (Thus dependency should be installed after the main application)
    • Alt-App: Alternative Application (This is an alternative application)
  • Click 'Add Dependency' (4)

Dependency Reporting

MigrationStudio has the ability to report on all dependencies across all or a group of applications.

To view dependencies 

  • In the Applications screen -> Application List, click on 'Select All' (1) to select all applications on the grid
  • Click 'Reports' (2) and
  • Click on 'App Dependencies' (3)
  • This will display all the main applications with the dependencies listed as a child items

  • Click on 'Run Report' (1)
  • This will display all the main applications with the dependencies listed as a child item (2)
  • You could filter the grid using the columns and once done, you could export if required by using the export button at the top

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