User Survey

The User Survey questionnaire is part of a collection of emails in MigrationStudio that can be used to engage with end-users. Many organisations use this survey as an opportunity to ask end users to review their applications, devices and confirm they have all the information on a user. When these surveys are sent out to end users, an administrator may want to report on users who have completed and those users who are yet to complete their surveys. This article describes the process of running a report to retrieve this information.

  • Switch to the 'User Migrations' (1) view
  • Click ‘Select All’ or a select a subset of users (2) that you want to report against on the grid
  • Click 'Reports’ (3) -> ‘Data Mining Report' (4) to open the report builder


  • Choose the details that you want to include in the report (1) – In the example below, it has been kept simple
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Survey Status 
  • Click ‘Run Report’ (2)


  • This will give you a view like the one below



  • To count the number of users that have not been audited and have passed/failed the survey, simply drag the 'Survey Status' column header to the green text that says, 'Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column'
  •  This will give you a view similar to the image below 

  • You can also save this report by clicking the 'Save Report' button.  To run the report in the future, choose the report from the ‘Select Saved Report’ drop down

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