Application Contacts

Some projects may have contacts within an organisation that have been designated to look after a group of applications or a single application in some capacity. For example, you may have IT, application owners, business owners, UAT testers that are designated against applications.

In MigrationStudio, you can add contacts to each or group of applications within your organisation. This article describes the steps on how to bulk import application contacts. 

Please refer to this  solution article on how to run a report to list all the contacts assigned to a group of applications. For further information on data imports, please refer to the solution article, Manually import migration data from Excel.

Prepare your data

  • Create a spreadsheet with the column names Revision Id, Contact Type – Firstname, Contact Type – Last Name. Where ‘Contact Type’ should be what you have within your organisation e.g. business owner. In the screenshot below, the contact types are ‘App Owner’ and ‘IT Owner’. You just need the first and last name, MigrationStudio will look up the contact internally when you are importing and use the existing contact info if one is found. Please see attached sample data.

Importing your data

  • Switch to the Portal by clicking on the ‘globe icon’ (1) located at the top right corner


  • Click on ‘Import Data’ (1) -> ‘Applications’ (2)

  • Click the ‘Browse’ (1) button to locate your saved spreadsheet
  • Click on 'Upload Excel Workbook' (2)
  • If successful, you will be presented with a summary of the data (3) that you are about to import

  • MigrationStudio will automatically attempt to map the appropriate fields if identical column names are used. Click on the ‘Application Details’ panel (1) to show the columns available. Using the column numbers from the import grid, match them to the ‘Application Details’ panel below and enter the column number in the appropriate text box. e.g. “[0] Revision Id”, enter “0” as the column number’ (2)

  • Click on ‘Contacts’ (1) to expand the panel
  • Click the ‘Add new record’ button (2) and select the ‘Contact Type’ (3) from the drop down
  • Take the column numbers from the import grid and add it to the corresponding cell (4) below
  • Once done, click on the green tick (5)

  • To start the import, click the '--> Import Apps <--' button beneath the preview grid at the top of the window

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to review the logs to ensure it has been successful. You should see a log showing when it started and when it completed the last row. This will be similar to the below:


Get in Touch

If you require further assistance importing Contact data, please get in touch with the service desk via