MigrationStudio has become synonymous within the IT industry for enabling organisations to accelerate Windows and Exchange/Office 365 migrations, and significantly reduce the costs and time taken to deliver migration projects.  The core principles of MigrationStudio provide flexibility to enable customers to extend the range of objects that can be managed within the tool, to cater to a more diverse and complex migration project.  One such scenario is desktop virtualisation migrations.

This white paper, 'Extending MigrationStudio for Virtual Desktop Environments'discusses the process of extending MigrationStudio to cater to desktop virtualisation-specific elements of migration, such as:

  • User identity synchronisation
  • Cloud domain properties
  • Remote protocol preferences
  • Thin client hardware types
  • User profile conversion and mapping
  • Target host pool and usage type
  • VDI OS types
  • New application types
  • GPU requirements

Full manual configuration is detailed within 'Extending MigrationStudio for Virtual Desktop Environments'.  The project template for use within MigrationStudio is provided within this solution article.

Installing the Project Template

The settings contained within the whitepaper have been packaged in a MigrationStudio Project Template, which enables administrators to quickly apply the configuration discussed in the document.  To apply these settings:

  • Download Desktop Virtualisation Project Template.xml, attached to this solution article.
  • Authenticate to MigrationStudio using an account with administrator privileges.
  • Click the Portal icon (1) in the top right corner to open the Portal in a new window.

  • In Portal, click the Admin (1) menu option and select Project Templates (2).
  • Click OK to the warning dialog that appears.

  • Locate the Import Templates panel (1) towards the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the Browse button (2) and locate the XML template file downloaded earlier.
  • Click Import template file (3) to import the settings.

Get In Touch

If you require further assistance importing the desktop virtualisation Project Template, please get in touch with the service desk via