This solution contains the steps required to get started with exporting AppTracker data into Excel via a custom toolbar plugin. 


  • SMTP server has been successfully configured in MigrationStudio
  • The API account is enabled and has been configured with a password in the Portal (if you are currently using data connectors then it's likely this has been done already)

Steps to install:

  1. Download the attached zip file
  2. Unzip into the folder: <MigrationStudio IIS Server Website>\Portal\Customisation\PowerShell\ToolBarPlugins\Applications
  3. Refresh MigrationStudio in the web browser
  4. Click AppTracker -> Plugins -> Custom Report Example -> Produce Report
  5. The report should be emailed to the address configured in your MigrationStudio account (assuming the SMTP server has been setup in MigrationStudio


  1. Edit the file Custom Toolbar Report.ps1 in a PowerShell editor
  2. Look for the "Start of the Main Script" text in the file
  3. Review the code and modify as required
  4. For further assistance raise a support ticket: