MigrationStudio typically compiles information about users in your migration project by importing data from Active Directory (AD).  If you have noticed some users are missing fromMigrationStudio, it could be due to a configuration setting or inactivity within AD.  In most cases, there's a simple explanation as to why users aren't being imported into MigrationStudio!

The User's OU Isn't Monitored

Different organisations have different AD structures - some group users in a flat organisation unit (OU) structure, whereas others might use department, location or function.  To cater for different approaches, the AD connector in MigrationStudio has the option to specify different OUs from which to import users.

To check that the user's OU is being monitored:

  • Switch to the Admin view (1) and click 'Connectors' (2) from the vertical menu on the left.
  • Choose 'AD Discovery' (3) - if you see 'AD User Discovery' instead, please contact the service desk to request an upgrade.
  • Check that the correct OUs have been configured in 'Import Users and Machines from AD' and that 'Options' is set to 'Nested Members' (4).

Inactive User

By default, MigrationStudio will only import AD user accounts that have been used within the last twelve weeks:

  • Using Microsoft AD Users and Computers, enable 'Advanced Features' from the 'View' menu.
  • Browse to open of the users that isn't displaying in AD and open the account properties.
  • Click on the 'Attribute Editor' tab and scroll down to 'lastLogon' - if this is more than 12 weeks ago, the user will be ignored by MigrationStudio.

This value can be adjusted in the administration section:

  • Switch to the Admin view (1) and click 'Connectors' (2) from the vertical menu on the left.
  • Choose 'AD Discovery' (3) - if you see 'AD User Discovery' instead, please contact the service desk to request an upgrade.
  • Scroll down to 'Import User Options' and change the value in 'User Last Login < X Weeks' (4).
  • Click 'Save Connector Settings' (5) to commit the changes.

Is the AD Account Disabled?

To prevent licenses from being consumed by inactive accounts, MigrationStudio has the ability archive disabled AD user accounts.  Check that the user account is active in AD.

Users Have Been Archived

User accounts can be archived in MigrationStudio either manually as part of an organisation's migration process or during the AD synchronisation if MigrationStudio detects that user accounts have been disabled or deleted in .  To check if the user has been archived:

  • Switch to 'User Migration' (1).
  • Click the 'Grid Extensions' button and choose 'Show Archived Column' (2) from the menu drop-down.

  • When the grid has refreshed, click the filter icon for the 'Archived' column (1).
  • Select 'True' (2) from the pop-up to show all users that have been archived.

To show all users in the grid, simply repeat the last two steps and click 'Clear Filter'.

It is possible to un-archive users from this view but this should only be done once the original reason for archiving a user is understood.  If the MigrationStudio AD connector has archived the account because it has been disabled or deleted from AD, it's better to correct the problem in AD.

For further information on deleting archived users refer to the Housekeeping Mini-Guide: https://migrationstudio.com/documents 

User Account Permissions

User information is imported from AD by using the MigrationStudio service account, which needs read access to the domain and user objects. Using Active Directory Users and Computers, check that 'Authenticated Users' (1) is set to 'Read(2) for all user accounts that aren't importing.

To view the access control permissions on an object in AD, open the properties dialog box and use the Security tab. However you may notice that when you first open the properties dialog box, there is no security tab. To enable the Security tab, click the 'View' menu in Active Directory Users and Computers and check the 'Advanced Features' menu item.

No User Licenses Available in MigrationStudio

MigrationStudio will stop importing new users once the license threshold has been exceeded.  To verify that you have sufficient licenses available:

  • Switch to the 'Admin' view (1) and choose 'License' (2) from the vertical menu on the left.
  • Look for the number of licenses available under 'Migrations' (3).

If you require additional licenses, please contact info@migrationstudio.com to arrange a quote.  Alternatively, please refer to the 'Housekeeping Tasks' mini-guide to review and release unrequired licenses.

Problem Not Resolved?

If none of these ideas have resolved your issue, please contact the service desk for additional assistance.