If you've recently decommissioned a Connector or upgraded to a new version, you may still a legacy entry in the 'Administration' console:

This can be confusing for administrators, however it's relatively simple to remove the old Connectors from MigrationStudio:

  • Ensure you have a current backup of your MigrationStudio database.
  • In MigrationStudio, enter the 'Administration' view (1) and click the 'Questionnaires' menu (2) from the vertical menu on the left.
  • Change the questtionaire drop down to 'Connector Settings' (3) and locate the sub-tab that reflects the Connector you would like to remove.  In this example, the old 'AD User Discovery' Connector is being removed.  Make a note of the Sub-Tab Id.
  • Click the 'Delete Sub-Tab' button (5) above the main grid (5).

(More after the image.)

  • Enter the Sub-Tab Id (1) recorded in the earlier steps and click 'Confirm and Close' (2).
  • Click 'OK' the pop-up that prompts for confirmation.

Reload your browser and check the Connectors listed in the 'Administration' view.  The old connector should now be removed.