The User Survey is a valuable resource for enabling users to ratify the information that the migration project holds about them.  A user's location and the department is one of the more common organisational change that can occur without being reflected in AD.  Enabling the user to verify this information ensure that migration engineers are deployed to the correct location and users receive the correct departmental applications.

If the location and department dropdown aren't populated, check that the Blueprint data has been mapped correctly:

  • Switch through to the 'Admin' view (1) and click 'Blueprints' (2) from the vertical menu on the left
  • Make a note of the Blueprint IDs (3) that need to be included in the sign-off survey (in this example, we're using 11 and 12)

  • From here, click 'Portal' (1) from the vertical menu on the left and click 'Migration: User Survey' from the overhead menu (2)
  • Scroll down to the 'Blueprints' panel (3) and ensure the following is updated in for each Blueprint that you want to display (4):
    • Show this Blueprint - enabled
    • Display Label - enter the text that should be displayed in the survey (e.g. Department or Location)
    • Blueprint Folder ID - use the values from the previous step
  • Click 'Save Changes' to finish

The location and department information dropdowns should now display correctly in the User Survey.