MigrationStudio integrates directly with the Microsoft SCCM database to provide information on user applications usage.  To improve the experience for MigrationStudio users, the SCCM Connector filters out certain locations that contain applications that aren't relevant to Windows migrations or evergreen - for example, notepad.exe and calculator.exe.

If you have applications that are showing utilisation in SCCM but doesn't appear in MigrationStudio, check the application to ensure it's not installed in one of the following locations or sub-folders:

  • C:\Windows\
  • C:\Documents and Settings\
  • C:\Users\
  • C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\
  • C:\temp\


Any applications that have been excluded due to filters can be added to a whitelist through the Connector settings:

  • Switch through to the 'Admin' view (1) and click the 'Connectors' option (2) from the left vertical menu
  • Select the 'SCCM 2012' connection option (3)
  • Add the executable name(s) to the 'Exe White List' input box (5)
  • Click the 'Save Settings' (6) button to commit the changes

MigrationStudio will also filter executables that don't contain the 'Vendor' metadata property.  Although this can make searching for applications difficult, it is possible to reverse this in the Connector settings:

  • Repeat the process above to access the SCCM Connector configuration page (1)(2)(3)
  • Tick the 'Import blank Vendors' option (4) in the 'App Options' section
  • Click 'Save Connector Settings' (6) to save the changes

All changes will take effect at the next scheduled SCCM Connector refresh.

Finally, the application must have usage metrics against it for the users in questions for the date range defined in the SCCM Connector settings. 

If you have applications in SCCM that aren't showing in MigrationStudio and shouldn't have been filtered, please contact the support team (support@migrationstudio.com) for additional support.