Follow the steps outlined below to create a report that shows the EXE name for all applications.  This process also works for individual applications.

Selecting the Applications

  • Switch to the 'AppTracker' view (1) and click the 'Select All' button (2) to select all applications.  If you want one or a small subset of applications, simply search and select the applications here.
  • Click the 'Reports' button (3) and choose 'Data Mining Report' from the dropdown menu.
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Creating the Report

  • When the report window has opened, select the following options:
    • Application Details: Vendor (1)
    • Application Details: Name (1)
    • Discovery Information - Dynamic Rationalisation: Inv Exe Name (2)
  • You'll need this report again so save the report at this point (3)
  • Click the 'Run Report' button (4)
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  • Locate the applications that are causing the issue and check the application exe name in SCCM against that recorded in MigrationStudio.
You may need to repeat that for applications that are still pending.  The process is the same, just switch to the 'AppTracker' view (1) and click the 'Grid Extensions' button (2) and choose 'App Submissions - Switch to Pending View' (3) from the menu.  From there, simply repeat the steps above.