It's very common to have Migration Users imported in MigrationStudio and to add those users to Blueprints, reflecting the user departments and locations. This makes it very easy to view a list of users in the Finance department for example:

It's very useful if you can see which applications the Finance department use. To do this we need to synchronise the user Blueprints with the application Blueprints. This is how:

  1. Go to User Migration and select all the users
  2. Click Mapping -> Sync User-App Requests to App Blueprints
  3. Click OK

Note. After the first sync you may need to run a 2nd, 3rd sync etc. as user Blueprints change. For these subsequent syncs you should remove all the applications from all the Blueprints before running the sync. Be aware that any applications which have been manually added into Blueprints will be removed.
  1. Go into Applications
  2. Click Select All
  3. Right-click, Remove from Blueprint
  4. Click the each root Blueprint folder in turn, for example Departments in the screenshot below:
  5. One you have clicked all root Blueprint folders you can sync the Blueprints