Sometimes you may wish to copy one users Application profile to a number of other users. This could be for a specific team of people who should all be using the same applications. Note, you would not normally do this if using an inventory Agent such as SysTrack or SNOW as these agents actually provide information on application requirement by actual usage.


  1. Log in to MigrationStudio and Select the User Migration Screen
  2. Select the Users you wish to copy the application mappings to
  3. Right click and select Copy. You can either chose "Copy Migration Id" or "Copy Account"

  1. Now select the User who's Application Profile you wish to copy
  2. Click on the Applications Tab

  1. Click the "Select All" button or just select the specific applications you wish to copy
  2. Right click on the selected area and choose either:
    • Copy Selected Requests to Users by SAM Accounts
    • Copy Selected Requests to Users by IDs
  1. Paste the UserId's or SAM Accounts you copied earlier
  2. Click the "Copy to User(s)" button


In order to carry out this operation you must have rights to 

  • "Edit all Users & Machines" or "Edit¬†Blueprint restricted - Users & Machines"
  • Map Applications