Sometimes in larger projects, its not always convenient to email every user to verify their Application requirement. Perhaps many people are in roles where they are not really sure which apps they should be using or the management team have decided that they will choose which applications will be used across the team.

It's pretty difficult to visualise a teams application requirements and who uses what unless you pivot the data. This can be done in MigrationStudio using a Pivot report. However if we want to update that information and change the Application profile of those users were going to need to do a bulk import. We've provided a template to make this easy:

Step 1 - Creating the Pivot Report

  1. Log in to MigrationStudio and Select the User Migration Screen
  2. Select the group of Users you wish to profile
  3. Click on the Reports menu and select "User-Application List"

  1. When the User-Applications Links List appears click on the "Pivot Data as Table" button

  1. You can select your fields on the right hand pane of the Pivot report:
    • Drag the "Full User Name" field into the Column Labels area
    • Drag the "Revision Id" field into the Values area and change the value to "Count of Revision Id"
    • Drag the "Full App Name" field into the Row Labels area
  1. Select the Export Option to be Excel
  2. Click on the Export button
  3. Save the Exported file to an appropriate location and close the pivot and report window. This file will be used in a future step

Step 2 - Creating the Bulk Update Template

  1. Click on the Portal button in MigrationStudio

  1. From the portal Click on the "Import Data" menu
  2. Select "Link Users to Apps"

  1. To the right of the "Link Users to Applications" Import screen is a file link. Click the link and download to an appropriate place

  1. Open the "Bulk Update Template" in Excel and click the "Enable Content" button if prompted

  1. Select the AppsList worksheet
  2. Now open the Pivot Table spreadsheet created in "Step 1" and copy the contents of this worksheet 
  3. Using "Paste Values" paste the data into the "AppsList" worksheet of the "Bulk Update Template"
  4. In the "Instructions" worksheet of the "Bulk Update Template" click on the Generate Import Sheet button

  1. In Excel click Save As and save the file as "Bulk Update Import" 

Step 3 - Importing the User to Application Mapping links from the Bulk Update Import

  1. Go back to the "Link Users to Applications" on the Import Data menu
  2. Click on the Browse button and select the Bulk Update Import file that has just been created
  3. Click the Upload Excel Workbook

  1. Make sure the "ImportSheet" worksheet is selected and click "Load This Worksheet"
  2. Match the Column numbers to the appropriate Field. The number is in "[ ]" next to the column name:
    • 0 for MigrationId
    • 1 for RevisionId
  1. Click the Import User-Apps Links button

In order to carry out this operation you will need to have the following rights:
  • "Edit all Users & Machines" or "Edit Blueprint restricted - Users & Machines"
  • Can Map Applications
  • Import Bulk Data