Full help: https://www.migrationstudio.cloud/help/default.aspx?z=100&p=admin\admin-questionnaires

To modify an existing Questionnaire

  1. Admin -> Questionnaires -> Select the Questionnaire from the drop-down:

To add a new "section"

  1. Create a new sub-tab:
  2. Give this a name:

To add a new question within a section

  1. Click here:
  2. Then add the question text:
  3. Choose the question type:
  4. Add options if needed (for radio buttons/check boxes this sets up the possible answers) separated by the pipe symbol: |. If OptionsĀ are left blank and the question is a radio button/checkbox it will use Yes|No|n/a as a default:
  5. Press <Return> to add the new question
  6. Click Save Changes

To modify an existing question

  1. Double click on the question:
  2. Modify as required
  3. Press <Return>
  4. Click Save Changes

To delete an existing question

  1. Right-click on the question:
  2. Click Delete Questions
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Save Changes