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Improved Defect/Demand Handling

Dear MigrationStudio Team,

in our last project we identified that it would be very beneficial to have a dedicated form to work on defects. Being it on regular project-meetings or for tracking the progression of defect handling.

I see three areas of improvement and would like to raise them as a feature request:

1.) Create a own view (like the Reports -> AAP, and others) to summarize all defects regardless of their origin (Applications, Machines, Users) in one directly editable console

2.) Add new fields for better time-tracking and next-step action commitments

3.) Add the ability to attach documents/screenshots to the defect itself

I tried to illustrate how this might can look like.

Looking forward hearing your opinion and hope you agree.


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Hi Alex,

Thank you for this suggestion and I agree it is a good idea. 

I have looked at how people are using the defect management functionality over the last few years and plan to overhaul it in a new version of MigrationStudio that is due out late next year.

In this new version, defect tracking has been promoted to its own top-level module and will feature a central view of defaults across all modules, SLA's, dedicated workflow, attachments and more.


Richard Hynes

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